Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Frank Capra, the famous director, said, “A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.”

Hunches, for some people, are the bread and butter of their lives. Detectives, for instance, rely upon hunches more often than not in order to solve crimes. It’s that nagging feeling that claws at the back of your subconscious every time you close your eyes, or it’s the thought that buzzes around in your mind throughout your day. Successful investors rely upon those hunches far more often than they rely upon statistical data or spreadsheets. Any profitable hedge fund manager will tell you that instinct and “feel” will edge out reason and research 99.9% of the time. Yes, the research is there, but how often has a true start-up company been able to prove their worth to a shrewd investor?

As an independent author, I’ve come to rely upon the power of the hunch, and lately I’ve thrown my hat into the ring on a couple of doozies. I’m involved in a very risky project that is currently in the process of being completed. I went into it based upon the hunch that the story (a biography) needed telling. It’s hard for me to trust people; innately I suspect every person I meet of ulterior motives for seeking a close relationship with me. Two conversations with the gentleman at the center of this story convinced me that we’d be friends forever, and I’ve grown to love this man as I would my own siblings.

My second project involves a stranger who is helping me fine-tune my erotic writing in order to craft a manuscript meant for men to read. Again, take into account how hard it is for me to trust anyone. I’m leaping over deep chasms of doubt as I extend my creative soul – all based on a hunch.

Writers are solitary beings; well, most writers are. I am a socially gregarious creature, and I suppose this is why I spend time at the gym or chatting it up online when I really should be working more hours. The truth is that I glean so much inspiration from the outside world that I can’t resist the gravitational pull from humanity. Resistance is futile, people.

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