Monday, May 14, 2012

Burning Down the House

Few things give a writer more joy that finding the spark of a story arc flashing through their mind! Quickly running to pen and paper, pencil and napkin, fingers and keyboard – the rush is on to scribble the synopsis quickly. We’re all building a rudimentary fire with two pieces of soft wood and intense physical exertion. The last thing we need to do is take a deep breath and blow out the slight spark and have to start all over again.

From concept to completion, we nurture our work – again, let me bring in the fire analogy. Without constant feeding and stirring, rearranging the logs and the slight embers, the fire will die and you’ll be out in the cold.

I’m an organic writer. Translation: I have at least three books going at all times. I’ve been curious how other writers find their rhythm. Do you awaken to coffee and classical music and dive into the pool head first or feet first? How about the dreaded belly flop? Ever had one of those? I have, literally and figuratively.

Right now, I have about fifteen irons in the fire, all of them being furiously jostled and jangled in an effort to keep the fire from going out. The motion is dizzying, the sparks are flying all around me, albeit often uncontrollably. Yet I keep the stirring the fire – somehow.

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